Jul 29th, 2014
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Jul 29th, 2014


this girl in my class today was writing a ton of stuff on her paper while we were taking notes and i was like “woah what are you writing did i miss something she said” and the girl laughed and was like “oh i’m not taking notes this is a list of things that annoy me”

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Jul 29th, 2014
Jul 29th, 2014
drake & josh
season 1: drake helps josh w/ a crush
season 4: drake & josh accidentally sell an orangutan to a man who eats orangutans
Jul 29th, 2014


goals in life;

  1. have a friend who becomes rich and famous or
  2. be that friend

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Jul 29th, 2014


8 legs… seven vagánias

you sound like two horses
Jul 29th, 2014
Jul 29th, 2014


relationship tip #78: ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ are cliche and outdated. try a fun new nickname such as ‘lieutenant’ instead 

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Jul 29th, 2014
Jul 29th, 2014


I hate when men stop me on the street to compliment me like this isn’t a romantic comedy I’m not gonna give you my details this wasn’t serendipity for us to meet

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